Proceeding with treatment with a surrogate can be a life-changing decision and we are here to guide you and support you through the process. You are our No.1 priority!

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an arrangement, whereby a person agrees to Assisted Reproductive Treatment to carry and give birth to a child for a single person or couple.


The Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 outlines the laws in Victoria in relation to proceeding with surrogacy. Only altruistic surrogacy is legal in Victoria and there must be a valid medical reason to proceed with surrogacy. The legislation also specifies several requirements to go ahead and how fertility clinics, such as No.1, can assist.

Patient Review Panel (PRP)

In Victoria, people wishing to undertake a surrogacy arrangement via a Victorian fertility clinic, must gain approval from the Patient Review Panel (PRP). It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the material on their website which outlines all the information and documentation that is needed for your application.

The application form for the PRP and instructions on how to submit the form are located on the health.vic website. On receiving an application, the PRP will provide the applicant/s with a hearing date. The PRP will supply the applicants with an outcome, usually within 14 days of the hearing.

Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA)

The governing body in Victoria, the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA), is a useful resource in getting all information you may require regarding your legal rights and responsibilities. Further information can be found on their website:

Using a donor in addition to a surrogate

In addition to your surrogacy arrangement, you may also require an egg, sperm or embryo donor. If you require any further information about the donor process, please speak to the No.1 Donor and Surrogacy team.

VARTA has useful information on proceeding with treatment with donors at the link:

What is the surrogacy process at No.1 Fertility?


Can the surrogate also be my donor?

When a surrogate uses their own eggs, this is known as traditional surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy arrangements are not carried out at No.1 Fertility.

Can No.1 Fertility help me find a surrogate?

No.1 Fertility is unable to help you find a surrogate. Please note, it is illegal for the intended parent/s to advise to find a surrogate. Please refer to the VARTA website for further information relating to finding a surrogate.

Who is eligible to proceed with a surrogate?

Under the Victorian legislation, a person or persons are able to undertake a surrogacy arrangement if:

  • They are unlikely to be able to carry a child and/or give birth
  • Carrying a pregnancy or giving birth places their life (or the babies life) at risk

If you have questions in relation to your eligibility for surrogacy, please call the clinic and speak with the Donor and Surrogacy Team, who will organise an appointment for you to speak with a No.1 fertility specialist.

At No.1 Fertility, a surrogate should:
  • Have completed their own family, with no children under the age of 12 months
  • Be mentally and physically healthy

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