Dr Lynn Burmeister: Leading the Way in Egg Freezing for Over 30 Years

Dr. Lynn Burmeister, well known as the ‘fertility queen,’ recently joined Moana Hope on Disrupt Radio’s ‘Entrepreneur Her’ segment. With years of experience in fertility medicine, Dr. Lynn has been instrumental in helping countless families grow –  ‘making lots of babies’ for over 20 years.

At No. 1 Fertility, Dr Lynn has also pioneered a state-of-the-art egg-freezing program which she remarks has become increasingly popular recently.

Understanding Fertility

One of the key tools Dr. Lynn uses to assist women in their fertility journey is the Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) test. This test provides vital information about a woman’s egg reserve, helping to determine how many eggs she has left. “If the results come back low, we discuss starting a family earlier or the option of egg freezing,” she explains.

First step

The process of understanding an individual’s fertility is straightforward. “It’s as simple as a blood test (AMH) and an ultrasound,” says Dr. Lynn. 

Empowered with the information, next steps will depend on the patient’s age and AMH test results, ensuring a tailored approach for each individual. At No. 1 Fertility, egg freezing is a popular choice for women wanting to preserve their fertility.

Financial Accessibility

No. 1 Fertility offers financial flexibility for those considering egg freezing – it’s our goal to ensure that the opportunity to create a family is accessible to everyone and our price structure reflects just that. 

Patients may be eligible to receive Medicare rebates for some of the out-of-pocket costs associated with the treatment. Payment plans are also available, making the treatment more accessible to many individuals and couples. This financial support can be a crucial factor for those planning their future families.

Seeking Second Opinions

Dr. Lynn advises patients not to lose hope if their first clinic doesn’t yield results. “If it’s not working with one clinic, go to a second clinic and have a look with a fresh set of eyes,” she suggests. 

Dr. Lynn Burmeister’s commitment to her patients and her expertise in egg freezing continue to provide hope and options for countless women planning their future families. Her holistic and patient-centred approach ensures that every woman receives the care and support she needs on her fertility journey.

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