Got your pink box?

Genetic carrier screening is done on saliva samples and performed at our testing provider Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS).

You will have been provided with a pink box by No.1 Fertility staff, this contains a saliva collection kit. If you have not received a pink box please ask your Fertility Specialist or Genetic Counsellor about genetic carrier screening, after this discussion they can provide you with a pink box.

Follow the video tutorial, or steps below to ensure prompt and accurate results.

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Collect & label your sample

1 It’s important not to eat or drink for at least 30 minutes before collecting your sample. A contaminated sample cannot be used.

2 Insert the tube inside your cheek where the saliva pools – this is between the bottom jaw line and the inner cheek. Swab 10 times on the left side and 10 times on the right side.

3 Unscrew the lid from the tube. Turn and place the swab into the liquid. Close tightly.

Invert the capped tube and shake vigorously 15 times.
5 Write your name, date of birth and date collected on the tube. Unlabelled tubes cannot be processed.
Confirm your details on the test request form (TRF). Read and sign patient test and financial consent section on TRF.

Put your sample + the test request form into the biohazard bag provided.

Return your sample

8 Place the bag(s) into the reply paid envelope box and seal.
9 Return this envelope box to VCGS via post.
10 An SMS payment notification from VCGS will be sent to the mobile number provided on the test request form.

Next steps

You will receive a phone call with your results from the VCGS Reproductive Genetic Counselling team. Results take approximately 2 weeks for prepair 3 and 5-6 weeks for prepair 500+ and prepair 1000+, after samples have been received by the laboratory.

Talk to us

Our genetic counselling team are here to help with any questions.

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