Nursing Phone Numbers

Nursing Phone Numbers

No.1 Fertility are aware of your need to be able to contact our fertility nurses frequently during your cycle. For this reason, we have grouped out clients (by surname) into smaller teams that allow more direct and consistent contact with nurses. We will allocate you to either Amber, Emerald, Ruby, Lilac or Sapphire.

We aim to answer your concerns in a timely and concise way. If we are unable to give you an immediate response or if your query requires a doctor’s review, we may take a message and always ideally get back to you within the day. Please note that alongside phone interactions, you are always able to access your portal with specific up to date cycle instructions when you have commenced with your Day 1.

Amber A-D

Call: +61 (03) 9132 9604

Emerald E-K

Call: +61 (03) 9132 9605

Lilac L-Q

Call: +61 (03) 9132 9606

Ruby R-Z

Call: +61 (03) 9132 9607

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