Breanna Evenden

Breanna Evenden Laboratory Supervisor – East Melbourne

Bachelor of Biotechnology (University of Newcastle)
Master of Clinical Embryology (Monash University)

Breanna first entered the field of IVF as an R&D Scientist working on the development of timelapse incubators and automated vitrification (freezing) systems. While fascinating, this work didn’t offer the interaction with patients that she was looking for and the ability to so directly impact someone’s life every single day drew her into the embryology lab.

Brea spent the better part of a decade working in laboratories in Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast, where she had the opportunity to setup a new Pre-implantation Genetic Testing program, before finally joining us at No.1 in 2019.

Brea is now the Supervisor of our busy East Melbourne laboratory, where she ensures everything is running like clockwork to make sure we give every single patient the best possible chance of taking home a baby.

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