Emma Senior Counsellor

Emma is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker who has over 12 years of experience. Emma has worked and managed in adult and family mental health settings as well as youth justice. Emma has been working in fertility for the past 5 years and her passion lies in working with couples, infertility as well as pre and post-natal mental health and women’s wellness and empowerment.

Emma has a deep compassion and understanding for those struggling with infertility as she has a history of this herself, as well as undergoing IVF treatment. Emma understands the importance of strong support throughout your fertility journey and is person centered in all areas of her work as she believes you know your mind and your body best.

Emma also enjoys working part time in private practice.

Self-care is very important to Emma to be able to continue to do the job she does so well. For Emma self-care is a good audio book, watching her indoor plants grow, connection with her team, sampling a new weird and wonderful tea blend and A LOT of laughter and dry humour.

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