Louise Counsellor

Louise’s background is in Social Work and Family Therapy and she has been working as an IVF Counsellor for many years.  Louise has a particular interest in couple’s relationship health and resilience and also in the changing patterns of partnering for women. In addition Louise has worked for many years with couples and individuals in long term treatment. Over time this has built an understanding of the physical impacts of treatment and the potential for body awareness and therapies to contribute to better emotional health.

Louise is passionate about patient centred care and came to work at No.1 because of the emphasis on support and the focus on people undertaking treatment.

One of the things Louise loves the most about working at No.1 is belonging to a fabulous team. There is a lot of laughter at No.1 and a willingness to go the extra mile for patients and colleagues.  Louise also loves that a creative idea can fly here.  It is an ever-changing and exciting workspace.

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