Daniela Embryology Team Leader

Bachelor of Science (Monash University)
Graduate Diploma of Reproductive Science (Monash University)
Master of Clinical Embryology (Monash University)

Daniela started out in the IVF field working on the opposite side of the conference booth, as a representative for Cryologic, providing freezing and incubation equipment to IVF clinics.

In 2014 she made the move into the embryology laboratory and hasn’t looked back since. After 5 years working in a very busy laboratory in Melbourne, Dani joined us at No.1 in 2019 and is loving the exposure to exciting new technologies.

Dani is currently conducting research into the use of AI in the laboratory and how this may be most effectively integrated with our existing embryo assessment measures to help our patients achieve a pregnancy with as few transfer cycles as possible.

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