Georgina Counsellor

Georgina’s specialisation is Health Psychology and she has over 17 years of clinical experience, working in both private and public healthcare settings.  She really enjoys working as a counsellor at Number 1 Fertility; supporting couples and individuals as they navigate their way through fertility treatment. Georgina adopts a compassionate, non-judgemental approach to counselling.

She understands that the journey to becoming pregnant can be an emotional rollercoaster for many couples and individuals and is committed to doing whatever she can to make the IVF experience a positive one for our patients.

Georgina feels lucky to work within a team of highly experienced fertility counsellors, who also happen to be really lovely people. She enjoys working in a smaller clinic, that prioritises patient-centered care, and loves reading the emails that come through from former No. 1 patients who have achieved their dream of welcoming a baby into the world.

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