Shalini Embryologist

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Monash University)
Master of Clinical Embryology (Monash University)

Before moving onto her embryology studies Shalini undertook her honours research looking into treatments that may protect the fetal brain from the effects of a lack of oxygen while in the womb. Shalini’s interest in this area led easily into studying the science that goes on a little earlier in the process as we try to create that precious pregnancy.

After several years covering multiple laboratories across Melbourne Shalini moved over to No.1 in 2019.

Shalini is currently undertaking research investigating how various stimulation medications may affect the behaviour of oocytes after collection, helping us to further define the treatment cycles that will give our patients the best possible chance of success. Her first round of data from this project was presented at the 2022 Asia Pacific Initiative in Reproduction and Embryology conference.

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