Tania Embryology Team Leader – East Melbourne

Bachelor of Science (Swinburne University)
Graduate Diploma of Reproductive Science (Monash University)
Master of Clinical Embryology (Monash University)


Tania spent the first several years of her embryology career working in a laboratory providing bulk-billed IVF services and she retains a passion for ensuring fertility treatment is accessible to all patients who need our help.

Having been with us at No.1 since our very first egg collections, Tania now holds the position of Team Leader within the East Melbourne laboratory where she works hard to ensure every little detail is accounted for, as it can be those tiny details that make the difference in whether or not an embryo is successful.

Tania’s recent research into the effect of excluded cells on an embryo’s developmental potential, presented at the 2019 Fertility Society of Australia Conference, utilised our access to time-lapse technology to help shed light on a common but poorly understood aspect of embryo development.

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