Semen Analysis

Male factor infertility is common in approximately 40% of all couples trying to conceive. Despite appearing healthy, lifestyle habits or more serious medical problems can lead to issues with sperm production and quality.

The most important test for male infertility is semen analysis. This allows an accurate measurement and assessment of the total number of sperm in a sample (concentration), the amount of those swimming (motility) and the shape of the sperm (morphology). The sample will also be analysed for anti-sperm antibodies which are another cause of male infertility.

Fortunately, poor sperm can be assisted greatly with IVF. For example, in cases of low sperm count, abnormal shape and/or abnormal movement, the embryologists can use Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). This allows the embryologist to insert a normal looking sperm directly inside the egg, bypassing many barriers the sperm would naturally encounter.

Our doctors may send a referral for a semen analysis prior to your appointment to identify any areas of abnormality. They will then discuss how lifestyle factors or health factors may impact on sperm quality and production, and they will explain the best forms of treatment to address any abnormalities.