Supportive Counselling

Supportive Counselling

No.1 Fertility acknowledges that infertility and fertility treatment can be challenging and stressful. The No.1 Fertility Counselling Team is available to provide you with counselling sessions during treatment to give you an opportunity to talk through your feelings and thoughts about treatment and strategies that might be helpful. They can also assist you to find external counsellors if you are facing challenges in other aspects of your life.

When to seek help

There are no set rules about when to seek assistance from a No.1 Counsellor. Some patients will book a session to create a space for review and evaluation of how they are doing in treatment, to assist them with decision making and enable focus on self-care. Other patients will use the service occasionally to talk through disappointing results or after a pregnancy loss.

If you are feeling particularly overwhelmed, having feelings of hopelessness that are difficult to shake, please book a session with one of our counsellors. Please also consider booking an appointment with your GP.

Although there is sometime a wait to get an appointment, the counselling team will make time for urgent referrals. Please feel able to let our administration staff know if you think that you need an urgent session.

To book a session, contact the No.1 Administration team on +61 (03) 9132 9600