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Single Embryo Transfers and Embryo Glue

Our aim is to help you achieve a healthy baby and the best way to do this is by transferring a single embryo. When more than one embryo is transferred, there is a high chance of having a multiple pregnancy that is not ideal for baby and mum. People think that by putting only one embryo back this decreases their chances of having a baby but the scientific evidence does not support this.

Research shows that by transferring a single embryo at the blastocyst stage (day 5 of embryo development) it not only increases your chance of having a baby, it reduces the time to pregnancy. This is because not all embryos can reach the blastocyst stage for various biological reasons and by culturing in a robust, state of the art culture system, we can select the best embryo without compromise.

We also use Embryo Glue as a standard practice for all of our embryo transfers to give you the best chance of implantation. Embryo Glue is rich in a protein called hyaluronan which has been demonstrated to be an important factor in the implantation process3.


3. Nakagawa, K., Takahashi, C., Nishi, Y., Jyuen, H., Sugiyama, R., Kuribayashi, Y. and Sugiyama, R., 2012. Hyaluronan-enriched transfer medium improves outcome in patients with multiple embryo transfer failures. Journal of assisted reproduction and genetics, 29, pp.679-685.