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Sperm Selection


Hyaluronan (HA) is a protein that is naturally found in the supportive cells that surround the egg. During the natural fertilization process, this protein acts as a sperm selection tool for the egg. It has been shown that sperm that are able to bind to this protein and eventually fertilise the egg, are mature and have good DNA integrity1.

Here at No.1, we are able to mimic this process at the time of ICSI by using a hyaluronan rich medium to select the sperm. We achieve this by mixing your sperm sample with this hyaluronan rich medium and select the sperm that has bound to the hyaluronan protein for the insemination of your eggs.

For us to be able to accurately carry out this selection tool, we require a good number of motile sperm.


1. Yagci, A., Murk, W., Stronk, J. and Huszar, G., 2010. Spermatozoa bound to solid state hyaluronic acid show chromatin structure with high DNA chain integrity: an acridine orange fluorescence study. Journal of andrology, 31(6), pp.566-572.

Intracytoplasmic morphologically selection sperm injection

Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) is a technique that uses a higher magnification to allow our embryologists to examine the structure of the sperm head for presence of vacuoles. There has been evidence to suggest that sperm with more than two small vacuoles or at least one large vacuole, can negatively impact embryo development2.


2. Vanderzwalmen, P., Hiemer, A., Rubner, P., Bach, M., Neyer, A., Stecher, A., Uher, P., Zintz, M., Lejeune, B., Vanderzwalmen, S. and Cassuto, G., 2008. Blastocyst development after sperm selection at high magnification is associated with size and number of nuclear vacuoles. Reproductive Biomedicine Online, 17(5), pp.617-627.

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